Kraft Cigarette Boxes



Custom Kraft Cigarette Boxes:

The boxes that are manufactured in cigarette style with the eco-friendly Kraft stock are known as custom Kraft boxes. After the use of cardboard stock, Kraft is the most commonly used stock for cigarette boxes. While when you choose any printing on them, they are known as custom printed Kraft cigarette boxes. Kraft stocks work best when you use 1-2 color printing on the boxes. Usually, this printing process is performed by using offset printing technology. This offset printing technology is known as the best for handling multiple categories of stocks including cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, art card of any other stock that is used for the custom product packaging.

But, there are few factors you should know before buying Kraft cigarette boxes for your tobacco sticks. Unlike cardboard or bleach card stock, the option of lamination is not available on the Kraft stock. That is their property and companies that like to use Kraft boxes for their cigarette needs want to use them as it is.

Many packaging and printing experts like to recommend 1-2 color printing on the Kraft stock only. Also, for complex image printing, Kraft is not a recommended option. I hope that after reading all of these characteristics you will be able to select a suitable stock for your tobacco sticks.

Options of Stock for Cigarette Boxes

You have a variety of stocks when it comes to custom packaging solutions. The most commonly used stock for cigarette boxes is bleach card stock. The personalized cigarette boxes that are made up of bleach stock are also known as custom cardboard cigarette boxes. Right, now we are offering only Kraft and corrugated stock for every custom packaging and printing solution. Corrugated stock is not used for the cigarette boxes. While some luxury brands may use rigid boxes. Please note that rigid is a luxury stock that is very rigid and gives a luxury look to your product. It is much thicker than the cardboard or kraft stock. But, usually, it is much expensive than the other options.

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