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Custom Printed Kraft Boxes for Brands

Why Kraft Boxes are Preferred by Big Brands? 

Recent research shows the rapidly growing trend in the custom printed packaging industry. According to the research, a 45% increase in the custom packaging industry in 2019-2020 is quite surprising and unbelievable. The main reason behind this is the government’s recent policy shift for local businesses.  The ease of doing business has improved far better than the previous years and many of the small and medium enterprises in different sectors are now participating to support the country’s GDP. 

It is an admitted fact that each retailer wants to have good quality and unique packaging to pack its product. Kraft stock is one of the leading packaging materials that people prefer to adopt for their custom printed kraft boxes. Custom printed kraft boxes are eco-friendly, durable, and study in nature so people prefer to adopt them. The biodegradable quality makes it superior over all of the other packaging stocks. 

Due to the growing global warming people prefer to buy eco-friendly products so the increase of the environmentally friendly products and the custom printed boxes for those products also increase significantly. Generally, custom Kraft boxes have enough stiffness that provides the durability that makes them tear-resistant. Kraft material is easily available in the market and it is a bit cost-effective compared to the other packaging stocks. In this article, we will touch on some of the benefits of using the custom kraft boxes as your packaging solutions. So stay tuned.


Benefits of having the Custom Kraft Boxes  for your Retail Business

As we have discussed above, custom kraft boxes that are completely recycle-able and environmentally friendly. Apart from this ability, there are some other benefits that provide the ultimate packaging solution for retailers. Following we have discussed some of them.

Provide Maximum Protection 

The other top benefit of having the custom kraft boxes is they provide enough protection to safeguard the product from damage due to their firm and durable nature. Although kraft paper is a bit thinner compared to the other packaging stocks, they have enough capability to bear the weight of the products. Similarly, kraft packaging solutions help to keep the moisture away from the product to keep its quality for a long time.

Environmentally Friendly

This factor is the most commonly known about the Kraft stock. Custom Kraft boxes do not have any of the other harmful materials in it. They are truly recyclable without using any of the harmful chemicals to dissolve. As we have seen many countries have banned harmful materials for packaging and others are now starting to ban them, so the awareness of using eco-friendly products is growing gradually. Custom Kraft boxes are the best option to grab any market in this new eco-friendly era. 

Promote Brand with Custom Printed Kraft Boxes

With the help of the custom printed kraft boxes, you can promote your products and brand authority. By printing your brand logo you have the opportunity to market your brand and increase the sale as their popularity of the brand increases. But you have to precisely focus on the branding of your product, unique and attractive packaging design and style of packaging can grab the attention of the users. 

Easy to Customize

The customization process of the kraft stock is quite simple and easy. You can adopt any of the customizations on the custom kraft packaging. The printing process, design, size, and style customization is quite easy to perform on your custom kraft boxes.  

Cost-Effective Solution

Due to the completely biodegradable quality, kraft stock is 40% more cost-effective compared to the other packaging materials. So, its mean the price per box can be reduced by 20-25% as compared to the other packaging stock. 


We hope this article is helpful to understand why custom printed kraft packaging boxes are good for business. We try our best to convey the importance and benefits of having the custom kraft boxes for your retail business. 

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