What are the differences between Cardboard vs. Corrugated Boxes

Cardboard VS. Corrugated Boxes

 What are the differences between Cardboard vs. Corrugated Boxes?

There are various types of custom packaging we probably hear. Cardboard and corrugated custom packaging are the most commonly used terminologies when we discuss custom printed box packaging. Many people assume both of the stocks are synonyms of each other but it is not the fact. Cardboard and corrugated both of them are quite different stocks that are used to make custom boxes.

This difference in the stock can make or break the whole game of custom packaging. So you have to be aware of both of them and should know what are the differences between cardboard and corrugated stocks. To explain this comparison we have compiled this detailed guide to educate you. So, stay tuned to learn some spectacular facts about cardboard and corrugated stocks.

Cardboard Stock

Cardboard stock is a thick paper sheet that is mostly used to make the packaging of various retail products such as cigarettes, cereals, cosmetic products, candles, toys, and many more things. Although this type of stock is also durable to keep the product safe from damage, these boxes are not sufficiently beneficial for the shipping items.

Corrugated Stock

Corrugated stock is basically a combination of paper layers and a thick layer of the air-filled paper column, that provides ultimate strength to the corrugated box to keep products safe from outer pressure. The two pieces of cardboard sheets and one medium make the size of the walls quite thicker compared to the corrugated stock. Therefore people prefer to adopt corrugated boxes when they used to ship their products safely. In the USA, Uline is a top-notch supplier of corrugated boxes.

Comparison of the Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes

Cardboard Stock and Corrugated Stock Difference

Above we have a detailed discussion on what are the cardboard and corrugated boxes, but here questions arise which stock boxes are comparatively better to choose as your first choice for custom product boxes. Following we have given a point to point comparison of both of the custom packaging stocks.

Cardboard Corrugated
It consists of one thick cardboard stock layer The corrugated stock has two layers of cardboard stock and one medium of air-filled columns
It can bear a smaller amount of weight depends on the thickness of the cardboard stock Because of such a thick combination of layers, the weight-bearing capacity has increased enormously.


Commonly used to pack retail products, like food and beverages, cosmetic products, candles, medicines, etc. Corrugated boxes can also be utilized to pack all of the retail products but these stock boxes are mainly concerned to pack the shipping products. So the products can be shipped safely.
A cheap option to make custom boxes Corrugated boxes are a bit costly compared to the cardboard stock.
You can print a wide range of colors, designs, textures on these boxes easily. While on corrugated boxes you have some limitation compared to the cardboard stock when the printing is concerned.



We try our best to convey key knowledge about both of the packaging materials. We hope after reading this comprehensive and detailed analysis you can now judge which packaging stock you should pick as your first custom choice. You can also visit pack lane to check out some custom packaging boxes.




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