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Customized Shipping Boxes – A Hub of Shipping Boxes and Cartons in the USA

Shipping boxes are used everywhere in the world for transferring physical products. You don’t need to have much knowledge about the packaging and printing industry to known about the shipping boxes. For the shipping of every product safely, a majority wants to go with custom shipping boxes as they are best for the purpose of direct shipping.

Shipping cartons are bit different from the cardboard based custom packaging boxes, as shipping cartons are made up of thick corrugated stock. Although both of them falls in the category of custom boxes and are also known as custom boxes wholesale when you are planning to purchase the bulk quantities.

As we have already discussed that shipping boxes are made up of thick corrugated stock. So, they have the ability to handle the fragile products too. It means like the fragile products can also be placed in shipping boxes with some insert for the safety.

Custom Shipping Boxes with Printing – Offset Printing

No one can deny the importance of branding and logos placement on the products. That’s why many companies’ recommends using custom printed shipping boxes instead of blank ones. For that purpose most of packaging companies offset printing as it gives the outstanding results. It means that you can print any kind of artwork on them. Shipping boxes can have many types as well. For the large products, mostly shipping cartons are used. These cartons usually have huge dimensions. While for small products, you can also use the boxes with corrugated stock.  This may include custom mailer boxes. Let me explain something more about them. Custom printed mailer boxes are made up of corrugated stock and can be direct shipping purposes. Visually, they looks very similar to normal cardboard boxes. But, their stock is different (corrugated) that can be used for the purpose of direct shipping. They are also used for the packaging of retail products like candles, mugs, photo frames etc. Also, they can me manufactured with custom inserts. That means that you can choose between cardboard and foam inserts.

Why Choose for your Shipping Boxes Needs: has a huge team that is capable of handling any large quantity. We deal in corrugated and Kraft stock right now. In future, we are planning to offer cardboard and rigid stock too. You can find the variety of personalized shipping boxes at our store. Also, we are starting from the 100 boxes as per the request of small businesses. So, feel free to contact us today for your shipping boxes needs. We guarantee the quality, pricing and on time delivery for the customers of United States and Canada.

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