History of Packaging

The packaging industry an ancient industry that has been introduced in the world for centuries. The packaging used for long times for the storage, transporting and grooming the products. In the old times, men used crude packaging materials for many purposes.

Hunters and Gatherers

In ancient times, the hunters used the packaging materials for carrying things. They found it difficult to carry the things from one place to another; thus they invented the packaging materials for transportation. In those bags, they carried their hunting devices, and when they return from hunting, they used to carry the hunts in them.

Materials that used in the early times for Packaging

Materials that used in the early times for Packaging

Few different materials have been used in the early times to make the packaging.

  • Ancient people used the big leaves and their spines to design the packaging bags for the storage of items.
  • They used the skin of animals which they have received from hinting for making the packaging bags or items.
  • Even the nuts and gourds used to store small items.
  • The piece of wood together with the animal skin had been used to make the big sized packaging devices or boxes.

How has the packaging been improved in the villages?

As the village life passed through the advancement of many new things introduced. These things provided different items. However, these items used for the packaging to give better and advanced packaging products.

  • From different stalks of the plants, woven sacks and baskets created.
  • Large wooden boxes made for the storage and transport of goods.
  • Different boxes designed from the use of the clay.
  • From the animal skin, different and advanced containers developed.

Development in the Cities

As the cities got advanced and transportation of materials starts occurring the cities, so the packaging boxes come in a better way.
Blown glass used to make different packaging boxes and products. This was the durable and thick materials that make the storage of heavy things easy. During these times the wooden barren introduced. The wood heated and then bent in different shapes of boxes.
Afterward, many new technologies invented in the Room and China. These technologies were reliable, cost-effective and durable. During this era, the invention of paper also came in the world.

Modern Packaging

Modern Packaging

The industries have brought a great revolution in the field of packaging. However, the need for transportation, waste bins, storage, primary packaging materials, and in-store packaging increases.
The world moved towards the progress of packaging from the bulk to the small materials. For the smaller food item packaging, paper packaging came in the market. Cellulite plastic packaging, polythene and different kind of plastic packaging made much progress. Therefore, these packaging introduced flexible and softer packaging materials.

Effects of Environment

The packaging industry is progressing very fast as the durable and recycled materials have come in the market. However, these materials provide an eco-friendly and healthy environment.

How will packaging rise in the future?

We hope to see more success in the future in the field of packaging. Like there’ll be more environmentally friendly packaging options. Also, continuous efforts will be made to get improved packaging quality, and new advanced designs will be created.

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