Customized Shipping Boxes for Packaging in the USA

Shipping usually means to move a product from one place to another and the boxes that are used for packaging in this process are called shipping boxes. If these boxes are customized in any shaped desired by you then these are called custom shipping boxes. These are slightly different from custom product boxes in term of dimension and material used for their manufacture process. Whatever are the differences between them the major point is that they are very popular in USA, UK, and Canada for the process of packaging.

Now let’s talk about custom product boxes. These are the packs that are created for the packaging of your product. Their dimensions are kept in form of height, width, and length of your packaging product. Usually, they have custom printing on them for your brand identity and awareness. Your logo is placed on these packaging items so that they can be your brand identity too. There are multiple other benefits of using these boxes which will be explained in detail too. In the USA these products are gaining popularity day by day. Many companies related to packaging and printing are offering these boxes at amazing prices along with free design support and also free shipping to USA and Canada.

Some Famous Type of Custom Printed Boxes

If I would talk about the USA many companies have divided these boxes into the following two main categories

  • Boxes By Style
  • Boxes By Industry


These are the main category of boxes that can further be divided into many sub-categories too. Other famous categories that people look for are

Above mentioned are the top searched boxes according to the research of our experts but there are many other varieties that you can look here. All you have to do is to measure the dimension of your product before any shopping. If you know the exact dimension of your product many packaging experts will guide you in the best way.

Some Amazing Benefits of Using these Customized Boxes

Now let’s discuss the reason that what benefits you can get by using custom product boxes for your business instead of ordinary or blank boxes. There are many reasons that will convince you to use this packaging instead of ordinary packaging boxes.

  • Increase in your brand awareness
  • Increase in your sales
  • More inquiries and Lead generations
  • Marketing technique free of cost
  • Best for people having a moderate budget
  • Attractive colors can appeal more customers

Still a Problem for Small Businesses?

Usually, there are three categories of business number one is the small business, second is medium business and third is a large business. In the field of packaging and problem is mainly for small business who often search for custom printed boxes no minimum. While medium and large business usually order large quantities so any company can receive their order on best pricing without any hesitation.

Small business owners often come up with a common question that how to find a company for short-run packaging or with low minimum order quantities. This is 2019 and an era of competition too for every business. Nowadays many companies in the USA are offering packaging solutions starting from 50 boxes. So, you don’t need to worry about that in any case. But its a fact that, when you order large quantities, price per price is much reduced as compared to low minimum order quantities. But still, you can find 50 or 100 boxes at an affordable because companies are working hard to make their prices much competitive. You have to check that quality of your packaging only. This type of packaging is usually prepared from any biodegradable material.

Packaging Material Used for Shipping Boxes

Another normal question that is asked by the people of the packaging and printing industry is that “which type of material is used in the manufacturing of these custom shipping boxes”. Let us answer this question in detail. Custom shipping boxes are usually manufactured from corrugated stock items. This is the same stock from which a very famous box type pizza box is manufactured.  There is a reason why this material is used for the packaging of shipping items. Corrugated material can be used roughly and your fragile product inside these boxes can remain to save. Due to the hardness of its material your product inside these boxes remains to save.

Shipping boxes are used roughly i.e you send these boxes from the USA to any other part of the world easily. Moreover, these boxes are cheap in price as compared to any other packaging material that we can use in the industry of packaging and printing. So, if you are planning to ship any of your product far way feel free to use corrugated boxes as they are best, cheap and eco-friendly too.

The second query is that can we use custom printed shipping boxes? Its answer is yes you can use printing on these boxes but the packaging and printing experts recommend to use 1 color printing on them instead of 4 color printing. That’s why printing on them is done in black color usually instead of 4 colors. These boxes are usually large and many other short boxes are stored inside them. Sometimes they are also known as containers. Another advantage of using them is that they are reusable and you can use them for multiple reasons. They can also be used multiple times due to their life and reusability.

Detailed Conclusion:

There are several case studies on the comparison of custom printed boxes vs. blank boxes with some great facts and figures. Personally, every packaging company and experts know about these case studies very well that how important are these custom boxes for your business is. According to a general survey conducted by about 50% of their customers who were using blank boxes and shifted to custom printed packaging boxes has an increase of 50% in their sales. Moreover, the increase in business, lead generation, and other inquiries are also the benefits of these boxes.

I think this conclusion with some amazing facts and figure are enough to convince you for this fact that it’s time to move towards printed boxes if you are still relying on old blank boxes.  Are you still confused? Let us explain it’s very easy. All you have to do is to find a good packaging company. You can do it through type a query on search engines. After selection of a reputed company, you have to tell them about your product and its dimensions. After that, they will ask you that do you have your art or design work ready? If you have that ready just provide them otherwise they will design it for you.

Next procedure is the approval of your artwork and you will say them godhead. Now all you have to do is to sit back and relax for the next 7-10 business days. Within this duration, the boxes will arrive at your doorstep with no extra charges. I think this procedure is quite simple and even a busy person will not hesitate to adopt it. Once your design and dye are set you can just reorder the boxes from the same company according to your need.

In this post, we have written a very detailed conclusion about shipping boxes and it’s printing. If anything is still left about the printings you can have a look at this forum. You can also post your questions and get answers from packaging experts.

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