Biodegradable Food Packaging

Biodegradable food packaging a better choice

Biodegradable Food Packaging

As the world is progressing so fast; likewise, the packaging industry is touching the skyline. Nowadays many different kinds of packaging have been introduced. The modern packaging involves the use of safe and durable materials that give no harmful effects to the environment.

In the United States, it has been observed that the individuals have age 18 or greater are dragging more towards the biodegradable food packaging. The interviews have shown that 45% of the brands use biodegradable packaging for the products.

The biodegradable packaging has a vast number of benefits as compared to the recyclable packaging. The biodegradable packaging is eco-friendly as well. It is also used for custom shipping boxes.

Why is the Biodegradable food packaging a better choice?

Biodegradable food packaging a better choice

Almost all the packaging industry has used the recyclable packaging material, but still, it has observed that it’s not perfect. Some types of food packaging cause a severe issue in recycling as these items include the hard coating like of polymer barrier which is entirely different from recycling.

No matter, how much good recyclable material we use but the polymer barrier resists to recycle every time. Thus this thing causes severe issue and the dangerous material release in the air.

The biodegradable food packaging helps to break down all the harmful materials in a few days or weeks. The biodegradable food packaging can easy destruct the coatings like polymer barrier.

Karma Free has introduced biodegradable candy wrapper

Karma free is a well-known food company that focuses on health. In the summers of 2017, the Karma free has introduced the granola bars in the complete compostable films.

The rate of decomposition of the compostable films was the same as the banana peel. TIPA has approved that the biodegradable food packaging is entirely safe like the regular plastic packaging.

The biodegradable packaging is quite durable and best for the health purpose. It takes a maximum of 180 days for the decomposition of the materials within it. The biodegradable food packaging is much beneficial as it also acts as a fertilizer.

Mother Nature has used biodegradable packaging for genuine coconut water

The very famous food packaging company called as mother nature has given the pure coconut water in the biodegradable food packaging. The packaging generally composes of recycled coconut fibers, and natural resins seal off.

The biodegradable packaging is entirely safe and protects from all the contaminants. This design is very simple as you can open this packaging as the drinking can. The biodegradable food packaging is much affordable. Thus it aims to save the environment at less cost.

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